In this first post, we would like to answer to a simple question:

Why has Passparyou born?

So, here are the motivations that moved us through the challenge we want to overcome.

Our vision is a world without digital thefts.

Our mission is to make users feel safe.

We believe that, if humans were able to get to the Moon about 45 years ago, we cannot still worry about our data being stolen from the internet.
In order to support this little revolution, we are going to dramatically change the way users are identified in the digital word.

So, say goodbye to super-long overly-complicated passwords, and to inconvenient password managers, and welcome an innovative system entirely based on the Blockchain decentralized system.

Through the use of the Bitcoin's main innovation, we create an authentication system that is absolutely secure.

But our primary focus is also on the User Experience. We care a lot about the ease of use, that's why this system will have the best design possible based on users' feedbacks, our main driver.

Thanks for believing with us in a new way of thinking digital world!

We'd love get in touch with us. If you have any suggestion, feedback, or simply want to talk with us, you contact us on
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